Enable Milk Music on CM12

I have a Samsung Galaxy S4, but I prefer to a rooted non-stock rom. I recently installed Resurrection Lollipop. This rom is based on CM12 and the Samsung Milk Music application will not install.

To get the application to install and run correctly you need to preform several steps.

  • Using ES File Explorer, edit your /system/build.prop file. Change to following lines:

ro.product.model=Galaxy S4

  • Install the Samsung Framework. Either download or copy the following files from the stock rom:


  • Using ES File Explorer, change the permissions on the above files to (rw-r-r)
  • Reboot your phone
  • Install the Samsung Account application
  • Install the Samsung Milk application from the Google Play Store (or side load)

About jasontarby

Enterprise Architect / Network Engineer at SRA International, Inc.
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