Hyper-V Manager–“Access denied. Unable to establish communication between…”

I manage several virtual machines running on Microsoft Hyper-V. To administrate them, I installed the “Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7”.  This included the “Hyper-V Manager”.

One issue that appears is when attempting to connect to a remote Hyper-V server, the “Hyper-V Manager” reports “Access denied. Unable to establish communication between…”. 


To resolve this problem, run “Component Services” manager and expand “Component Services – Computers – My Computer”. 


Right-click on “My Computer” and choose “Properties”.


Under “Access Permissions”, click “Edit Limits”.


Click “ANONYMOUS LOGON” and select “Allow” for “Remote Access”.

Now, simply re-launch the “Hyper-V Manager” and you will be able to connect to your remote Hyper-V servers.


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Enterprise Architect / Network Engineer at SRA International, Inc.
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9 Responses to Hyper-V Manager–“Access denied. Unable to establish communication between…”

  1. Tom Barber says:

    Thank you for this blogpost. I’m teaching myself hyper-v and this was one of the first results on Google for this error message.

  2. John Harvey says:

    Many thanks for this…I still have some hair left!
    OK, now seriously…are you telling me that when setting up the Remote Hyper-V console, the installer can’t figure out thi stuff, like that I’m in a workgroup, and *at least* prompt me to complete certain? 3 hours of configuring firewalls and adding trusted hosts and registry settings is simply ridiculous…not all the world’s a Domain!

  3. Guest says:

    Excellent! A simple solution to a confusing and misleading message.
    Thank you!

  4. Bruno Villeneuve says:

    Thanks for the help. Tho, it didn’t work at first. I needed to check the Internet Service COM checkbox to make it work. No need to close the console, just refresh and it worked.

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  6. chuckn says:

    Thank you !, solved the problem.

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  8. CS says:

    thank you thank you THANK YOU!

  9. Bharathi says:

    Thanks a lot. It works. Could someone please explain whats going on in the background by performing this step.

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