My Ubuntu 9.04 Notes

After playing with Ubuntu 9.04 in Virtualbox for a couple of days I have complied a few notes:

Full Disk Encryption

On my Windows Vista & Windows 7 box I have setup Bitlocker encryption.  Ubuntu also has a similar feature called LVM.  To setup full disk encryption, you will need to obtain the alternative install cd.  Simply boot this CD and choose “set up encrypted LVM”.

Japanese IME

Additional languages and IME’s can be added under “System” – Administration” – “Language Support”.

Shared Folders

You can use Virutalbox’s shared folders features to mount a host folder in the guest.  First add the folder using the Virtualbox’s shared folders.  Next drop to a terminal and type:  “sudo mkdir /mnt/virtualbox” to create a mount point.  Now type:  “sudo mount –t vboxsf sharename /mnt/virtualbox”.  Sharename should be the name of the folder you shared in Virtualbox.

Accessing Windows Shares

When I tired to access my Windows 7 share from Ubuntu, I got an error message.  The problem is that Ubuntu does not have SMBFS installed out of the box.  To add, simply drop to a terminal and type:  “sudo apt-get install smbfs”.  You should then be able to access Windows Shares using “Places” – "Connect to Server”


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Enterprise Architect / Network Engineer at SRA International, Inc.
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