FLAC and Nero

I use Nero 8 for my CD/DVD burning, audio and video encoding.  While its arguable that its bloat-ware, still, it does an excellent job of encoding video and audio to my Sony PSP.

Lately, there has been a trend to post audio in the FLAC format instead of the MP3 format.  FLAC stands for the "Free Lossless Audio Codec".  It provides superior audio quality as no audio data is removed during compression.

The problem is that Nero 8 does not support FLAC out of the box.  Bitburners.com has a Nero plug-in on their site that will allow Nero 8 to use the FLAC format.

The link is:  http://www.bitburners.com/category/software/audio/nero-audio-plugins/

(Vista)  Once downloaded, unzip and place the file "nxMyFLA.dll" in the "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nero\AudioPlugins" directory.

That’s it.  Nero can now understand and use the FLAC format.


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Enterprise Architect / Network Engineer at SRA International, Inc.
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